Our summer program is both highly structured and varied, taking advantage of the surrounding forest, extensive lakeshore, and our rustic facilities. Every day, campers participate in two activities, one special interest program, our morning and evening programs, and swimming. 




Camp Program

Locations & Facilities


Special Interest Programs (SIPS)

Special Interest Programs (SIPS) are chosen by campers and are followed daily in the same group throughout the session. This summer’s SIPS include:  

  • Dance

  • Hiking

  • Meditation

  • Yoga 

  • Sports

  • Fishing

  • Sailing

Our morning and evening program is a group activity for the entire camp. This summer’s programs include:

  • Water relays

  • Sports challenges

  • Woods games

Theme Days and Special Events

Theme days and special events vary from session to session, and have included:

  • Olympic theme day

  • Hat Day

  • Hawaiian Supper

  • Carnival Jump-up

  • Halloween

  • Staff Hush Buddies

Morning and Evening Programs

R.E.A.L. Team

(Responsibility, Expression, Awareness, and Leadership) Team provides a special employment opportunity for youth ages 15 – 17 to train as future camp counsellors and staff.

Sequoia Program

Sequoia Program is for returning campers struggling with additional challenges, and is designed to build self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of responsibility.