Camp Program

Each  year Camp  Weredale welcomes over 300 campers. We offer a wide variety of activities and programs designed to suit individual camper 

interests and needs.  Regular Activities include:

-Nature lessons and hiking, fishing

-Overnight camping, campfire cooking

-Arts and crafts, drama, talent shows

-Canoeing, kayaking, sailing, tubing, swimming

-Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Ball Hockey

Along with our regular activities campers enjoy Special Events such as carnival day, water regattas, all holidays, color wars, and inter galactic day. Campers also participate in theme activities like backwards day, staff vs camper competition, variety shows, crazy hats lunch and much much more.


Each day, one period is devoted to a Special Interest Program (S.I.P) where campers get to  chose from a number of activities not part of regular program. Yoga, dance, fitness training, snorkelling, sailing, fishing and creative writing are some examples of past choices.


After supper Cabin Choice allows campers, as a group, to revisit favourite activities (ex. art, kayaking, nature) before heading off to evening program.

Evening Programs usually involve the entire camp in activities such as wide games (ex. capture the flag), scavenger hunts, or group challenges ( Amazing race, Prison  break, Jeopardy, Survivor). Each day ends with a camp fire and sing along down by the waterfront.

Older campers (14+) are provided opportunities to build self-esteem, and confidence through specific challenges and responsibilities. Those interested can also participate in first aid and  leadership training.

The R.E.A.L. TEAM (responsibility, expression, awareness, leadership) provides a special  employment opportunity for camper 16 – 17 years old. These campers attend the  entire summer and will work on the themes listed above through part time work in the   kitchen and their role as counsellors in training.

The Sequoia Program is a nature based challenges program for older campers. An increasingly difficult set of  wilderness activities and tasks allow camper to earn level while they increase their skills and confidence.