Locations & Faciilities

Situated right on Lac L’ Achigan in St-Hippolyte, Camp Weredale is surrounded by water and nature. Below is a map and gallery of the location as well as descriptions of the facilities. Get directions to camp.

The two overnight sites, Junior Camp and Senior Camp, are a 15-minute walk past the staff huts and Bayview, respectively. They contain tents for sleeping, a fire pit, and a large garbage 

Finally, parking is available for visitors right in front of the assistant cook’s cottage.

Camp Facilities

1,2,3 – Staff Cottages are where the counselors sleep on the nights they are not sleeping in the cabins with the campers. 

4 – Cook’s Cottage is where the cook and the assistant cook stay

5 – Assistant Cook’s Cottage is the lounge and is used for meetings with campers

6 – Long Hut is used by staff.

7 – Maintenance Cottage is used by the grounds keeper

8 – Howard’s Home is used by staff and visitors

9 – Big Apple is used by R.E.A.L. Team and R.E.A.L. Team Leaders sleep. 

10 – Infirmary is used by the First Aid Respondant works. For all minor injuries and medication this is the place to go.

11 – Hut Line is where the campers’ cabins are. There are 11 cabins, each housing 7 children around the same age and 1 counselor (he/she alternates with his/her co-counselor every night so that one sleeps at the staff huts and the other on the hutline). 


12 – Nature Hut is where the nature specialist keeps all his equipment for the sequoia program, as well as various wildlife that was caught.

13 – Recreation Hall is where the camp meets up for various activities (e.g. camp rules, the variety show, rainy-day activities, etc.). 

14 – Canoe wharf is where about 20 kayaks, a dozen canoes, and where a half a dozen sailboats are stored and launched.

15 – Bayview is used by the camp specialists.

16 – Dining Hall is where the entire camp takes its meals and has rainy day activities

M – Maintenance Workshop 

S – Showers 

WC – Washrooms


L – Laundry


O – Camp Office

CD – Camp Director’s cottage

ED – Executive Director’s cottage is where the executive director stays when at camp.

The Playfield has a large soccer field and two hard courts, one of which is fitted with basketball nets. A shed contains various balls and other sports equipment.