Board of Directors

President: Duncan E. Campbell 

Susan Barwick                Andrew Carter               W.R. (Bill) Eakin      
Constance Everson        James Heward               Leigh Johnston      
Howard G. Martin           Judy Martin                     Bill Molson 
Anne Pertus                    Elizabeth Pusztai            Kate Shingler

Stefania Scordo              Timothy Wilson 

Past Presidents:  A. D. Webster (1981 to 1983)
John Wilson (1983 to 1988) 
Paul Marchand (1988 to 2004)  
Judy Martin (2004 to 2011)

The Weredale Foundation has owned and operated Camp Weredale since 1934 when it first opened as ‘a summer home away from home’ for the boys of Weredale House. The camp continues today to offer exciting learning opportunities for girls and boys ages five to seventeen years old. Most of our campers have received social service support in some form.


For years, Foundation Directors were in the enviable position of being able to draw the necessary funds for operating Camp from the endowment, but this has changed.

The last time there was an excess of revenue over expenditures was five years ago in the amount $74,468 reported in the March 31, 2014 annual Financial Statement. Since this time there have been consecutive years of deficits.

The Weredale Foundation Board of Directors is committed to maintaining subsidized camp fees and the respite program for foster children. The Directors have therefore approved an action plan for financial sustainability which includes an immediate increase to our fundraising target of $200,000 per year and an eventual endowment of $2,000,000.


Expanded fund raising efforts have resulted in reaching $105,000 of the targeted increase.  The Foundation has also decided to proceed with an updated strategic planning exercise in 2020.


The Weredale Foundation and Camp Weredale are grateful for the long term recurrent financial support they have been receiving from the Batshaw Foundation, the George Hogg Family Foundation and the Hylcan Foundation throughout the years.